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Hotel Mandawa Castle

Hotel Mandawa Castle in Mandawa

Description : Appointments, deadlines, phone calls, budgets. are some of the things everybody wants to get away from. But, does everyone find the ideal retreat? Presenting the stuff dreams are made of. A resort where you feel one with nature. From the moment you step-in, a feeling of bliss engulfs your body & soul. Your heart pounds to the beat of the waves dancing on the shore. Your mind is clear as the crystal blue pool and your eyes are feasted on some exquisite landscaping. Cozy cottages dot the seashore like pearls on a necklace; green lawns, birds chirping on the trees and the hammocks swaying in the breeze.

Accommodation : Part of the excitement of staying at Mandawa is the sense of discovery at every turn: battlements that offer spectacular views of the town below, a whimsical peacock weather van, an arched window that overlooks the verdant garden visited by peacocks. Or the fact that no two rooms are alike in this historic hotel! (There are 70 of them: Royal Suites, Deluxe Rooms and Standard Rooms).
In the zenana or women's quarters, one room offers antique murals, another has a marble fountain, while the turretroom boasts walls that are 7 feet thick! Looking out from the window of the turret room it is easy to imagine the maurading bandits that once roamed freely here.

Property Location : Castle Mandawa is ideally located in the heart of the Shekhawati region, which today comprises of two administrative districts in the state of Rajasthan: Jhunjhunu and Sikar.

It is well connected from Jaipur, Delhi and Bikaner by road. If you would like to come by train, there are a number of railway stations close by.

Distance by road from Delhi: 50 Kilometers
Jaipur: 168 Kilometers
Bikaner: 190 Kilometers

Distances from Railway Stations : Mukundgarh: 14 kilometers
Fatehpur: 19 Kilometers
Jhunjhunu: 25 Kilometer

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